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Journey Drawings and 3D Print

Felipe blanco sketch viajante
Felipe blanco sketch 39
Felipe blanco sketch 38
Felipe blanco sketch 41
Felipe blanco captura de tela 2015 12 21 as 12 43 11
Felipe blanco journey desafio 2minds
Felipe blanco sketch 29
Felipe blanco sketch 24
Felipe blanco sketch 26
Felipe blanco base3
Felipe blanco idolo7
Felipe blanco lapide4
Felipe blanco journey8
Felipe blanco diorama
Felipe blanco render2
Felipe blanco motagem 2
Felipe blanco prot6
Felipe blanco prot3
Felipe blanco prot9
Felipe blanco protluz2
Felipe blanco protluz3
Felipe blanco dsc00671

Here I share some of the images of the process of my course completion work in Graphic Design at FACAMP - Faculdades de Campinas (Brazil)
I thank the CTI for the prototypes. (


This course completion work has as the main theme the transformation of a character originally developed for the videogames environment in a physical object destined to the collectible market under the form of a diorama.

This work was composed by two great parts of whitch had its respective sections and sub-sections:

The first part was about a research of the main theme, the videogames as a total, the history of its creation and possible products, for instance, the action figures. Therefore, it was done a research about the videogame market; a word about the colletible products; and, by the end of it, a presentation/study about the history of the game and its characters.

The second made a relation between the first part's subjects and a pratical creative test, whitch final objective was the transposition between stages - virtual to physical - of the mais character. Therefore, the technology of 3D printing was used to materialize the 3D virtual model.

The game is called Journey and it was developed by ThatGameCompany, all rights reserved.
Following up, a series of imagens that sums up the whole process.

The complete work can be downloaded here:
and here: