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Felipe blanco somni tela inicial

Title Screen

Felipe blanco desenho de conceito neuronio topo

The Neuron

Felipe blanco desenho de conceito ambiente

Environment Concept

Felipe blanco salmao

The Dream Fish

Felipe blanco somni

The whole research team

SOMNI (alpha gameplay)

SOMNI is an experiment that took course during the post graduation program of Technologies of Intelligence and Digital Design (TIDD) from PUC-SP/Brazil.

This is a project of an academic game that is currently under development with several researchers in the most variable fields of expertise, such as game design, art, music, philosophy, teaching, education, visual production and many others.
As for me, it's been an amazing journey to be a part of such a passionate project. As you can see by the images, I'm in charge of the Concept Art and UX Design. But, the most amazing thing about SOMNI is that nothing here is the creation of a single individual, it is all collaborative and put together with the whole team involved and iterating upon each decision and creation.

See more of it here:

You can dive into SOMNI here (alpha):…/somni/

System requirements (recommended):
Processor i7
2GB Graphics board

"To think is to draw (and also writing, of course), but drawing, imagining and dreaming is the universe that we have inside this virtual environment. I hope you enjoy it!" - Petry (Game Director)